Lisa Jane Photography

Lisa is a London-based creative Wedding photographer with a strong and curious personality. The brief required to design and develop a custom brand identity and website for the branding of Lisa Jane Photography with the goal of communicating Lisa’s message, values, and personality, reflecting the idea of home for truly unique couples into the brand and putting Lisa in connection with like-minded creative couples.
Lisa's brand identity is made up of a number of core design elements that come together to create a distinctive look and feel that communicates Lisa’s creative personality and makes Lisa Jane Photography brand recognisable. Focusing on typography, without giving too much emphasis to other illustrative elements, balances the image-based content of Lisa’s work, leaving to her photos the main scene. For the logo, I created a custom hand lettering typography of Lisa Jane words. Something handmade, unique in its shape that cannot be replicated - like a lot of the fascinating techniques Lisa is passionate about in her photography. Colour palette and typography are  inspired by Lisa’s strong personality.
Website hompage concept
Website Gallery page concept
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